Send offers using text message email facebook twitter

Send offers using text message, email, Facebook, Twitter and more…

Using the FACEOFFERS Portal, you can easily share offers using Facebook, Twitter and more. Simply click on the Share button within the Offer Details page. From the Share page, either copy and paste the URLs or click on the Facebook or Twitter button as shown below.


Here is what a FACEOFFER shared on Facebook might look like.


Here is what a FACEOFFER shared on Twitter might look like.



To send offers via email or text message or to post to Facebook or Twitter with one-click, please purchase the SalesFlash Add-on. With SalesFlash, you can easily send offers to your customers using text messaging, email, Facebook or Twitter. To purchase the Add-on, click on Subscription Settings. For more information on SalesFlash, click here.

This is what the SalesFlash dialogue box looks like from the Portal perspective.

We even built some marketing tools to help you drive consumer adoption and interest. Here is what the Digital Call-to-Action looks like. You can easily display this on TVs or digital screens within your place of business.


We even created an 8.5 by 11 print piece. You can print these out and display them around your place of business.