FACEOFFERS Consumer App is here!!!


FACEOFFERS is pleased to announce that version 1.0 of the FACEOFFERS Consumer App or FOCA is available in the iOS and Android App Store. The FOCA app makes it even easier for consumers to find, manage and redeem offers they want and need. The FOCA app automatically pulls in and displays offers within 10 miles of a user’s GPS location. It also features deep linking technology that prompts the user to open an offer within the app when a user clicks on a FACEOFFERS link shared in an email, text message or posted to Facebook, Twitter etc… From there, a user can save the offer for later use or redeem the offer by generating a unique barcode that can easily be redeemed using the FOMA app or through a Point of Sale system (POS) using the FACEOFFERS API. For Enterprise accounts, we can even re-brand the app and use custom URLs with deep linking. Please contact sales at sales@faceoffers.com if you are interested in learning more.

Features in this version include:
–┬áIncluded support for GPS location.

– Included a Mobile Page as a lead-in to Merchant’s offers

– Included carousel page for ease of swiping through Mobile Pages

– Included Redemption page with user’s photo for personalization and proof of identity

– Included Google Map page with directions to location

– Included Call feature linking to business phone number

– Included Save feature and Save page for ease of Offer management

– Included Redeem page for ease of Offer management

– Included Merchant page to manage SalesFlash opt-ins per Merchant

– Included Account page to allow user’s to edit information and upload photo and add mobile number

– Included support for push notifications (FACEOFFERS Administration only for now)
– Included one-click opt-in for users’s who want to receive SalesFlash promotions from Merchant


Version 1.0 is available as of 8/2/18.

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