Here is an example of an Offer for a restaurant called Kick Arse BBQ. As you can see, this is a coupon for 20% off. You can click on the Get Code button to generate a barcode. You can then download the FOMA mobile app to scan it. You won’t be able to redeem the Offer, but you can see how barcode scanning works. This example uses the default FACEOFFERS theme and branding (only difference is the footer). The Captcha (I’m not a robot button) is turned off via the Page management feature. This Offer is public, which means that anyone can use it. Mark the Offer as private and send it to an actual Consumer in the database and only he/she can use it. The facial photo on the right-hand side, could be the owner, manager, someone in the marketing department, a logo or some other image that makes the offer personal and more like an invitation.